Saturday, November 20, 2010

Homemade Christmas Cards!!

As some of you may already know, I am currently without gainful employment. Financially I am totally screwed, but it does leave me with a certain amount of free time. So my mother (who is also without gainful employment) and I got together these past couple of weeks and decided to try out my paper making kit! (If you are interested you can purchase one of your very own at the Paper Discovery Center in Appleton). So we spent hours and hours and hours making home made paper, then we spent more hours and hours and hours decorating that homemade paper and turning it into something wonderful and full of love to send to our family and friends for Christmas!!

See? Adorable!

 I, however, completely forgot that I wrote out my Christmas Cards last year, stamped them up, and totally missed sending them out. They are still sitting in my cupboard waiting to get their moment in the sun... er, snow... So, I'm going to go ahead and send those out to my family and friends and sell these amazing, homemade Christmas cards on, with homemade envelopes to match! They are listed now. If you are interested there is a link down and to the right that will take you to my store where you can see them all.

 Now, if you are at all interested in making your own homemade Christmas cards without spending the money to purchase a paper making kit and stamps (which can be super expensive, luckily these were all things I happened to have lying around from more fruitful years past) you can find some pretty cheap card making supplies at craft stores like Hobby Lobby. They have boxes of cards already cut and folded, all you have to do is decorate them! It's a lot of fun, seriously inexpensive and it's something you can do with your sisters, mom, kids or girlfriends. It's like scrap-booking without the long term commitment!

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