Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Whew... Okay.

So after pretty much the busiest February ever. I'm posting a blog again. First it was the snowstorm of the century that shut half the nation down for like three days, then it was training in Madison for my new job, then it was snowpocolypse (thanks for that Dan!) take two, now I have a stomach virus...... 

BUT all of that pales in comparison to what our ass-hat, tea party, douche bag Governor (whom I did not vote for thankyouverymuch) is trying to do to the middle class people in this state. 

Now I know the few of you who do come here to read my blog probably aren't interested in my personal political beliefs. However, I can think of no reason to support this bill in any way, shape, or form. From what the bill stands for to how it's been introduced it's wrong. 

I'm sure I don't have to go into great detail about it since it's been getting national news coverage for over a week now. There are a few things I would like to point out though.

Governor Walkers Budget Repair Bill is total fucking bullshit.
1) State workers will be required to pay 50% to they're pension and a minimum of 12.6% to their health care... So like campaign workers and judges? AND teachers, police officers, firefighters, etc. Okay fine, that sounds fair right?
2) Unions will no longer have the ability to freely negotiate wages... So, they can't ask for raises anymore? Hmm that's kind of crappy.
3) Unions will no longer be allowed to collect dues, they will also require a annual vote to stay unionized... Hey, how will they be able to even stay a union that way?
4) All of the money being saved by ensuring the unions have no voice and state workers pay their own benefits is being directly assigned to pay down the state deficit.
              -Which is projected not current, instead of creating a budget repair bill to make up for it how about you just learn to spend less than we have instead of more Mr. College-Drop-Out-With-No-Political-Experience? 
               -ALSO: we wouldn't have a deficit this year at all it if Scott Walker hadn't given "Monetary Gifts" to his campaign supporters totaling upwards of  $130,000,000.00 
5) On top of that there are these little cherries slipped in to the bill:
               - Page 18, Line 8 Contractors for the State of Wisconsin will no longer be required to ensure a harassment free work place in regards to sexual orientation. 
               -Page 24, Line 1 The State of Wisconsin can now sell or contract state owned heating, cooling, and power plants without taking bids and for any amount the state deems to be "in the best interest". 


So, if you have the time and can make sense of the policital mumbo jumbo I high recommend that you read it, the bill can be found in it's original PDF form here

The other sources that I used (in case you think I'm some liberal abortionist who lies for a living) can be found here, here, and here.

Also: If you in any way want to support the protesters please consider the following:
To supply protesters with WATER contact (Capitol Center Foods at 608-255-2616).

To supply protesters with FOOD contact (Silver Mine Subs at 608-286-1000, Ian's Pizza at 608-257-9248, Pizza Di Roma at 608-268-0900, or Asian Kitchen at 608-255-0571).
       - Personally recommend Ian Pizza they're the best. 

To supply protesters with LAUNDRY SERVICES contact (Lazy Bones Laundry and Storage at 1.877.215.2105).

These businesses have been taking calls from all over the country and even countries outside of the USA delivering food and water to the 70,000+ protesters who are at the capital day and night standing up for those of us who can't be there. 

One word of warning to those readers who are not from Wisconsin and don't feel the need to care. This will not STOP here. Your state will be next. Six months ago I was proud to be from Wisconsin, now I am disgusted.

*I have tried my best to ensure this post is accurate. Any incorrect statements are purely accidental and not tailored to meet my political agenda. I have listed my sources including a link to the bill in it's entirety. Please do not just spout that I am wrong because you don't agree. If something in my post is incorrect, please site your sources*