Thursday, June 2, 2011

So there's this baby...

The count down began 9 months ago, and we've all been anxiously awaiting the birth of my nephew. Between talks of whose ugly feet he'll get and whether he'll have the maternal family double chin or not everyone was very excited. He would be the first Grand-baby in our family. It was a particularly rough pregnancy for the first time parents. Both of them told us for years they never wanted to have kids, then that suddenly changed. They did try to get pregnant but I imagine both of them had a few second thoughts along the way. Nicole had morning sickness throughout, ended up in the ER twice because of dehydration, and towards the end developed toxicity. Between the worry about the baby's health and Nicole's health my brother, Matthew, was a wreck.

Monday was the due date. Tuesday they went in for a check up and discovered something funky with the babies heart beat. Not the good king of funky either. The doctors decided to induce labor Wednesday morning. After 16 hours in the hospital, Monster was born at 10:38pm, June 1st, 2001.

7lbs 2oz, 21.5 inches

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