Saturday, June 25, 2011

Quick rant about life...

In the past couple of weeks I've been struggling. A lot.

When I first took this job at the mill I moved in with my parents to be closer to the job because James and I only have one car + the scooter. So, we haven't been seeing each other much and things are not well.

We've been fighting a ton lately. I'm getting my ass handed to me with this job, he's working his butt off in his job. We see each other rarely and when we do see each other all we do is scream.

Things aren't going any better on the "home" front.

 I want to have a very small wedding. Like 50 people. My father thinks I should invite everyone I've ever met and their parents (CAUTION: interpret exaggeration at your own risk).

I want to have the reception for my very small wedding in my parents large backyard, under a tent. My father would prefer to pay for a venue.

Needless to say, IT'S MY FUCKING WEDDING (CAUTION: call me bridezilla at your own risk).

So, all we do is scream at each other.

I want this marriage to work so much because I love him more than anything and he's my best friend, but how will we get through this life together if we can't even make it through this summer?

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