Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hey hey ho ho Scott Walker has got to go!

Okay, so this post does not actually have anything to do with the politics in Wisconsin (even though things are crazy right now). That's just stuck in my head so now it's my title...

This post actually has a lot more to do with how much of a slacker I am. Because I have only posted like once in the past two months. I have been super busy with life but that's really no excuse what so ever. This is such a fantastic outlet, I have to do it more or I'll explode. In fact I did... this morning... at my roommate, and then apparently at my fiancĂ©.

So, here we go kids...

About two weeks ago James and I made the decision to actually have a wedding! Originally we were planning on getting married in Germany in about six years because that's where we are planning on living eventually. BUT this summer James is joining the Air Force. So, we talked about just having a court house ceremony and still having our wedding in Germany later. However, I truly believe that most of my family would feel like, "Well, you guys have been married for like five years already, why would we want to waste our money to come to Germany to see you get married again?" After thinking about it for a while I decided I don't want my wedding day to be about me feeling like crap because my family didn't feel the need to come to my wedding. So... we decided two weeks ago to have a wedding this summer before he leaves for basic. Wow, it sure does take a lot of planning to get a wedding up and running in less than six months! Venues, caterers, photographers? They're all booked like a year in advance... so I ended up asking all three what days they have available and we'll just have to move the wedding to that day! Turns out no one gets married on Labor Day weekend. So I apologize in advance if most of my posts from now until September 3rd and beyond are wedding related.

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