Thursday, February 7, 2013

5 Totally Awesome Things About Living in England

Okay this post was initially going to be titled "10 Totally Awesome Things About Living in England but I've only been here 6 weeks people! And I'm 35 weeks pregnant! Give me a break! So, for now, 5 things that are totally awesome about living in England (so far):

1) Better quality food.
-I've noticed the food here is not pumped full of all sorts of hormones...
                and pesticides...
                                     and preservatives...
It's really cool and it makes food taste better and you also eat less! It's more filling because it's whole food. You can still get nasty processed food here but I've been able to find whole food alternatives WAY easier than I could back home.

2) Proximity to mainland Europe for travel purposes.
- We've only been here for a few months and already we are planning trips to Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands within the next year. The ability we have to just get in the car and head off on some adventure is pretty amazing.

3) Castles
-You could practically slice a golf ball into the woods and hit a castle around here. It's one of the coolest things ever to be driving at night on these tiny little roads and see some random lit up castle ruins. We've toured two castles since I got here and let me tell you the history behind these things never gets old for me (haha... history..? gets old...? get it..? no?).

4) Countryside
-The wide open space just astounds me. Rolling hills dotted with sheep... it's like a fairy tale. How so many people can live on such a tiny island and still have so much country side is great. I love driving from one town to the next one highways that would be little more than back roads in the states and seeing miles of pasture with the occasional small village along the way. Quaint doesn't begin to cover it.

5) Also, this.
-In case you didn't hear, the British Parliament passed a bill to legalize same-sex marriage in Britain this week. It's not a done deal but it sure does feel good to be living in a country actually making progress toward equality.

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