Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Life Update

Even though I quit the crappy job I'm still crazy busy with wedding plans and school plans and my relationship with James.

Thankfully, so far all of those things are going really well!

The wedding invitations are sent and my father and I finally agree on what we are doing for the reception. Everything is booked all deposits are down! I'm starting to get really excited about everything.

And nervous...

Kind of nervous.

Our roommate and I have been looking for apartments near the school we are going to in fall. The idea of finding a place within the next two or three weeks and moving in over the week of the wedding is seriously daunting! But, it's really nice to be doing something concrete about my future education-wise. I'm really excited to go back to school. :)

Things with James are excellent right now. We finally stopped butting heads and started supporting each other. He still drives me crazy because everything is so hectic and I feel like I have to remind him a dozen and a half times about anything... but it's still really great. It feels good to know that things can work out!

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