Sunday, October 17, 2010

Way to much weekend...

So, I'm not complaining or anything but I have a three day weekend. Which means I have tomorrow off. And I totally love not having to work because my job is so far pretty terrible however, that simply gives me far too much time to look at my messy house. I mean seriously who is going to spend their time cleaning when there is a 'I didn't know I was pregnant' marathon on TLC?!

I know, totally no one.

How scary(addicting) is that show!? Every time I watch it I drive my fiancĂ© nuts for the next three days.

'Oh my god, honey I have this really bad craving for taco bell! Maybe I'm pregnant, like on that show...  What if I've been pregnant this whole time and we didn't know. Oh my god, what are we going to do? I CAN NOT afford to have a baby right now!! This baby is going to have to sleep in a dresser drawer and only have smelly dog toys to play with... '


So, I made skittle flavored vodka instead... for, you know, mental health purposes.

This stuff is totally amazing, if you mix half a glass with sparkling water it literally tastes like liquid rainbow.
I love it.  We made a double batch by doubling the instructions below.

You'll need:
one large bag of skittles
one liter of vodka (it doesn't need to be super expensive, but not super cheap either we used UV)
five 8.5oz flasks (we got these 17oz flasks at world market but they were kind of pricey so you might want to shop around a little)
six large canning jars
paper towels
one funnel

-First sort out your candy in separate containers. 60 pieces of skittle to 6oz of vodka will do the trick!
-Then put your Skittles in the canning jars and add your vodka, we did 120 skittles and 12 oz vodka.
-Seal them up tightly and give them a good shake.
-Let them dissolve for at least three days, I like to shake them up intermittently but I hear that's not necessary.
-After three days of dissolving you will notice a think white film on the top of your jars. This is when you strain.
-Using your paper towels layer three on top of one another and strain the mixture through them in to the extra jar, changing paper towel when it becomes too clogged.
-After you have finished straining you can use the funnel to transfer your vodka to the flasks.
-Remember to rinse your straining jar and your funnel between flavors.


 This mixture is sweet enough to sip straight out of cocktail glasses over ice but remember it is almost 100% alcohol so drinker beware!


  1. I'm drinking the lemon flavor right now. Delicious!

  2. I love your rainbow drinks, I think they are really pretty... I'll have to try them sometime!